Fine Bistro Dining

Atlantic House has a reputation as one of the best places to eat in the Bude area.

Being the best is not the aim, we just try to serve food that makes you want to keep coming back.

Bude is very Cornish; laidback, friendly and unpretentious. That is the style we offer; inspired by the French Bistro tradition, but made current and learning from the best of other cuisines.

North Cornwall is famous for landing the best fish, much of which ends up the country’s top restaurants, so it is only natural that serving local ingredients in Bude, means that seafood tops the menu.

When ever we have the opportunity we do serve fish and especially lobster caught in Bude Bay.

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Annual break

Sea Fever is closed for our annual break and will reopen on 4th February.

Valentines Day

For Valentines Day we have a 6 course tasting menu, featuring some of the best ingredients for celebrating your relationship.

If you think they are worth it then why not show it with a very special meal?

See our menu for details

in Kyan’s words…

Sea Fever is about my roots, my connection with bude, my connection with Cornwall and my connection with the sea.

Sea Fever is about being proud of where I come from and being proud of what I do.

Sea Fever is about ethics, integrity, passion, freshness, simplicity, clarity, provenance, and flavour, always always flavour first and foremost.

Sea Fever is about sustainability, pride, righting some wrongs, a second chance, a Phoenix rising from the ashes moment, a celebration of Cornwall.

Sea Fever is my heart and soul on a plate, everything I believe in done to the best of my ability.

Sea Fever is the best produce Cornwall has to offer, cooked simply and very well executed.

Sea Fever is something to be proud of for us and for Bude.

Sea Fever is humble, simple, relaxed and in these difficult times most of all safe.